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Coagulated milk was a result of using skimmed milk powder – Nestle

Nestle Ghana has called back 24 batches of its milk products , ideal and carnation milk from the market after reports of congealing of the products hit social media.

In response to social media backlashes, Nestle Ghana indicated that the reason why the milk products were congealing is as a result of skimmed milk powder used during the milk manufacturing. The company expressed penitence to its customers and traders.

The FDA as a matter of health concern organized a thorough inspection into the products to authenticate whether or not it is hazardous to human health, but their investigation proved otherwise, indicating that, the products posed no danger to the human health. Meanwhile, the company has issued orders to have some particular milks with specified batch numbers removed from the market.

The batches are hereof Listed as;

12651489, 12951489, 12961489, 13001489, 13031489, 13031489, 13131489, 13161489, 13171489, 13341489, 13351489.

CARNATION Tea Creamer: 12901480, 12911489, 12931489, 12941489, 12951489, 12601489, 12611489, 12651489, 13061489, 13071489, 13081489, 13091489, 13101489.


“Anyone who has an IDEAL Milk product or CARNATION Tea Creamer from one of these batches can drop them off at any one of the Nestlé offices across the country and obtain a replacement.

“Anyone who has a concern can contact us on our toll-free number 0800120001. Alternatively, they can call on 030 2 21 1880 (Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm) or call, WhatsApp or SMS us on 059 384 5697, 059 384 5649 and 059 384 5708 between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.


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