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Forget sending Momo if you don’t want E-levy – Carlos Ahenkorah

Member of Parliament for Tema West, Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah has hinted that the 1.75% e-levy introduced by Government is not mandatory citing that citizens who do not prefer to pay the 1.75% tax should forgo sending Momo.

“It is not a compulsory tax, if you don’t do MoMo, you don’t pay. So if you don’t want to pay, don’t do MoMo. It’s simple.” 

The MP added that, if the e-levy is scrapped, the government may have to resort to borrowing from other sources, which would eventually become a burden on citizens.

“What I’m telling them is that they don’t seem to understand what’s going on. Look, if they continue, and government decides that fine, I am not going to charge anymore e-levy, government would have to go and borrow that money, and it becomes me and you our burden to pay. So they should forget about what they’re doing and rather let us see how we can assist the government to run this country.”


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