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Assemblies don’t have the capacity to restrict tricycles from using the motorway – Hon Kwame Governs Agbodza

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The Ranking Member on Committee of roads and transport Hon Kwame Governs Agbodza has chastised the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Hon Henry Quarty’s initiative of banning tricycles from using the Accra Motorway and other Major high streets in Accra.

This comes after the Regional Minister announced his new project on operation clean your cutter and ban on tricycles staring November 1st 2021. According to the Ranking Member Hon Agbodza, Most of the reasons why Tricycles now dominate major roads is as a result of insufficient public transports. A bigger waste management plant is located at Kpone which is why Tricycles are seen on the motorway, Hon Henry should find alternative means to recycle the waste in Accra. He said reports from the National Road Safety Authority on Road Accidents reveal that Human error is mostly the cause.

“Let Him Come Clear, as a regional Minister, you do not have the capacity as a regional coordinating council or district assembly to enforce a bylaw to determine who uses a road. According to the Law, the only reason to stop a Vehicle from using a road is if the Vehicle is not registered, the vehicle has not gotten insurance or the driver is not registered. If I have my ways, the motorways will have a tricycle lane he fumed”.

Hon Agbodza

Answering a question on Operation Clean your Gutter initiative, he uttered that, No document as such was laid on the floor of parliament for such an initiative to be discussed. “But I know this is not the first time Government attempt to decongest and clean Accra” he added.

Hon Agbodza asserted that cleaning the Gutter in front of every home has nothing to do with Him [Hon Henry] preventing Tricycles from using Motorways and Major high Ways in Accra. “It is an illegitimate comment,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hon Henry backing his claim on assemblies being clad with the powers of passing by-laws quoted Act 936, stating, Assemblies have the powers to demolish structures if the said structure is not authorized.

Hon Henry
Hon Henry

On other hand, Hon Henry indicated that starting February 1st, all “Aboboyaa” tricycles will be registered within the next three months in Individual assemblies.

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