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Ghana to host the 9th Edition of the Annual Top Africa Ghana Music Awards

Ghana is set to host the 9th Edition of the Annual Top Africa Ghana Music Awards which has been scheduled for the next year 2022 following the nominee’s announcement.

The Awards ceremony will be held in Ghana for the first time after previously ceremonies being held in Nigeria. The Country Manager for Top Africa Music Awards Trovel Kumi in an interview with AnfrebeatNews said the venue has not yet been announced yet due to the covid-19 pandemic which has affected a lot of Countries travelling restrictions and urged fans and nominees to calm down and promised them to expect a different awards ceremony in Ghana next year.

He said the awards were supposed to take place this year but due to certain challenges, they decided to postpone it to next year. Top Africa Music is a music company birthed in the heart of Nigeria and has been in existence for over eight years and counting.

It was initially TopNaija Music that sought to exploit the hidden talents of gifted music artists, the organization of music award events held annually in Lagos, Nigeria and the promotion of music through several international platforms. He said the aim of the awards scheme is to encourage emerging Ghanaian musicians to do music right and make them realize that they are also a part of the Ghanaian music ecosystem.

While the awards show was previously held in Nigeria, we believe it is time to extend our borders to other countries; thus, Ghana, seeing as Ghana and Nigeria share almost the same values and cultures especially when it comes to music, it was necessary to bring the enthusiasm and energy to Ghana as well and to ensure the smooth sail and running of this event, we are writing in aid for your support of this august occasion.

We have no doubt that your patronage will go a long way to make this show, a successful occasion” he said”

Here is a link that provides content and videos from previous awards shows held in Nigeria, https://topnaijamusicawards.com

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