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Jamestown youth bemoan high unemployment rate

BY: Jacqueline Quaye

Youth unemployment is a problem faced by successive governments over the years in Ghana. Before Covid-19 pandemic, the unemployment rate in Ghana was at approximately 4.53% of the total labour force however in 2021, the unemployment rate in Ghana has escalated to 4.70%.

On Monday, July 26, 2021, Adoa News Team payed a visit to Jamestown, a community in the Greater Accra Region which is densely populated with most of its inhabitants being fisherfolks.

In their scout, they discovered that youth unemployment has become a worrying phenomenon to young energetic people in the vicinity who are willing to join the country’s workforce. By observation and community engagement, it was made obvious that, the unemployment situation in the community is above average.

Some of the youth in Jamestown in an interview with the Adoa news desk expressed their grievances.

Raphael, an unemployed youth in Jamestown, levelled the unemployment situation on the government for not providing and creating jobs

“I am well educated but unemployed. I have to work with someone before making ends meat. I blame the government for our situation because people with qualifications are still unemployed. They in turn indulge themselves in social vices to make ends meet. I’m pleading on the government to come to our aid” he lamented.

However, Maame ‘AGO’ a woman living here in Jamestown gave a different view of the unemployment situation in Jamestown and levelled it on the lackadaisical attitude of the youth.

“We can’t shift all the blame on the government when the youth have refused to embrace job opportunities thrown at them. The youth were of good behavior but in recent times, they have become drug addicts. Most of them enjoy smoking and doing it publicly as well. They must lawfully be dealt with. I hope more jobs are created to reduce the unemployment rate as well as this lackadaisical attitude”. She added

As early as 10 am, some people were also seen gathered and chatting on the streets.
The place is situated next to the central business district of Accra, Makola where people are trying to work to get money.

Daniel, a self-employed young man staying in that vicinity advices fellow youth to get themselves busy since they are not employed and not to depend solely on the government.

“It’s high time we the youth we stood up to move forward and achieve something for ourselves, we try to find some small business and put ourselves in because we can’t sit down and be looking upon them. Otherwise, we will be stuck wherever, forever.

The youth is therefore pleading with the government and other philanthropists in the country to come to their aid by Creating more job opportunities.

Source: Adoanewsonline.com

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