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Hair dye in the new fashion cycle

BY: Ann Bediako

Hairstylists say dyeing of hair could represent one’s brand.

Notwithstanding, in our part of the world, dyeing of hair is associated with notoriety and promiscuity. Ann Bediako a reporter at Adoa TV sought the views of some Ghanaians on the dyeing of hair and most stylists say the possibility of being addicted to switching up your hair color isn’t totally out of the left-field but pretty easy adding that one could become addicted to just about anything just like everyday activities such as eating, working, sports, and shopping; so is it with hair dyeing.

Sometimes, women just want to change their hair colour for the sake of it but may also be exposing themselves to dangerous chemicals that could damage the hair and skin. The truth is, chemical-laden hair dyes can irritate your scalp and cause hair thinning or loss in some people — while the long-term health effects are not yet known.

Hair dyes, on the other hand, use a veritable cocktail of chemicals to alter hair color often contain ammonia, lead acetate, hydrogen peroxide. This PPDA is common in both cheap and expensive hair dyes and present in nearly all permanent type dyes.

Permanent hair dyes use the harshest chemicals to alter hair color, but semi-permanent dyes (often used to cover graying hair) may still contain worrisome chemicals, including PPDA or a similar compound. That’s why it’s important to always read the ingredients on any type of hair color before using it.

Nana Akua tells our reporter Ann that she used to love altering her hair color but due to the nature of her work she had to stop. She said Dyeing her hair with colours other than black which is something she had always wanted to do.

Others who spoke to the news team were of the view that dyeing hair with colours is something they wouldn’t urge others to do. “It’s not morally right. No guy would want to marry a lady who does that. I see those who do that as mentally ill patients. No company will employ a guy with dyed hair. Using black dye is acceptable because it was done in the oldies.”

It looks like this new fashion trend has come to stay as gradually changing one’s hair is a normal sight to be held.

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