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Assassins shot President of Haiti dead

Haitian President Jovenel Moïse has been assassinated at his home on July 6, 2021, according to a statement by the country’s interim prime minister.

According to the Prime Minister, Claude Joseph, a group of anonymous personal attacked the private abode of Mr. Moise overnight and shot him dead. The first lady Martine Moise was shot and currently in the hospital following the attack on Tuesday he added.

Joseph called the killing a “hateful, inhumane and barbaric act,” adding that Haiti’s National Police and other authorities had the situation in Haiti in check.

The indigent Caribbean country has faced political instability in recent months which has brought a blaze of violent protests, hijack and organized crime.

In a statement by the country’s leading opposition parties the judiciary, and activist groups stated that Mr. Moise’s five-year term as president ended in February.

Meanwhile, the president claimed he had one year left in office since an interim government ran the country for a year after his election.

Source: Aljazeera.com

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