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Crime and Security: “The need to start living and stop Existing”


Violence and hate-related crimes are gradually gaining momentum in our country. Ghana prides itself with peace but now it looks like that motto only makes sense in the western world. One might argue that the country is still a peaceful place if you are looking at it from a political lens. However, the reality of the current state of security will soil the already dying reputation of our democracy.

Others are equally arguing that the transferred aggression stems from the high rate of unemployment the country is now plagued with. If this has an ounce of truth in it, then the famous idiomatic expression “the devil finds work for the idle hand” may be manifesting in our precious Ghana.

Mohammed Ibrahim is an “Okada” rider and he tells me, Ghana to him is no longer a peaceful place, “as I sit even if you run into me without an apology I may assault you because I have been waiting for customers all day but to no avail” to Mohammed, it’s the fault of our leaders we as citizens are going through economic hardship. But one alarming and equally barbaric sight is how the supposed peaceful citizens allow the people involved in a fight to openly fight without intervention just like the Roman’s did to their gladiators in ancient times for their selfish amusement

Some also say, peace in a way still prevails but rather intolerance is the menace.

Crime and Security: “The need to start living and stop Existing”

From the religious point of view, Kwamena Kumson also an “Okada” operator said, Ghana has failed to respect God hence His wrath is what is causing the current economic hardship.

“Israelites disobeyed God at a point and they had to face the concequencies so it’s our turn as Ghanaians to also face ours”

Yet when a life is lost in the process, the cry for justice becomes the next emblem. Hate crimes are now becoming the new normal. According to the Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery, there were 144 murder cases recorded in the first quarter of 2021 as compared to 123 in the first quarter of 2020.

He said the issue needs to be addressed, noting that, “one loss of life in Ghana is one life too many.”

Let’s refresh our memory with the gruesome murder and death of constable Emmanuel Osei who was murdered at James town in a bullion Van robbery, my focus is, how did a country that once practiced pure communism become such an unsafe war one??? Let’s start from the bottom of our Schools, a viral footage shows two students, one believed to be a senior physically assaulting the other while others watch in glee… Failed supervision I call it!!!

One very common place you are likely to chance on a fight is in a commercial bus which we call Trotro in Ghana.

Sometimes it’s funny.

The market, clubs and even the church is not spared.

Recent of them all is the ongoing riot in Ejura where currently two three people have lost their lives and many others injured. An altercation between unarmed civilians and fully-fledged military men. A rather unfair fight.

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Source: Wilson Emmanuel

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