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Banks must provide their security guards with electronic security devices

BY:   Justice Kwaku Aniah- Baba

One of the most essential industries in society, banks are critical to our economy and everyday lives. From private citizens to small businesses, banks are responsible for the security of funds and accounts for their customers. Part of this security initiative requires private security guards as necessities.  In order to combat criminal activity and offer the best service for customers, utilizing private security for employee and customer protection is essential.

In view of this I will appeal to the private bank owners and stakeholders to provide their security guards with electronic devices such as scanners to scan customers who come to the bank for transactions, business etc. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the restriction on social distancing, banks have reduced the number of intakes in the banking hall. So sometimes you can see customers queuing outside bank premises waiting for others to come out before they can also enter the bank hall for their business and transaction activities.

Ultimately, private security bank guards are more than just a uniform in the corner of the lobby. These guards are often the first face that your customers see when they enter the bank. Take advantage of this opportunity and utilize your private security guards in another way. They can be used as your lobby host, guiding customers to the appropriate counters and queue depending on the service that they need. This allows your customers to be comfortable with their presence and transactions.

RECENT BULLION VAN ATTACKS:                                                    

Any criminal can disguise himself or herself being amongst the customers/ clients in a queue in the bank premises just to monitor things and later plan what he or she will do next so having electronic devices for your security guards to scan whoever comes to the bank which in my view is a good move to fight crimes. Even Cheetah Security limited,  a subsidiary of the embattled Menzgold Ghana Limited was having these plans even though it was not operating as a Bank when I was a part-time employee in 2017-2018.

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