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Police arrest couple for allegedly burying son alive

The Asikuma Odobeng Brakwa Police have arrested a couple at Breman Brakwa in the Central Region for allegedly burying their two-year-old son alive.

The couple says a fetish priestess convinced them that their child, who can neither walk nor talk, was a spirit child and had to be killed. Narrating what happened, Abubakar Mohammed, a tenant of the couple said at midnight on Monday, Paul Adoba and Maame Atta and the fetish priestess dug a grave and buried the two-year-old alive.

He suspected something was not right and so woke up to the surreptitious movement of the people at midnight.

“I saw them carrying the child to where the pit was being dug. It was around 12 midnight. It was awkwardly strange, and so, I got up to close my window,” he narrated.

Mr Mohammed said he saw two women and a man. The man, he claims, was digging while one woman was carrying a child.

He revealed further, “I was alone and a bit afraid and so I couldn’t step out. During that time, the man left the scene and came to the yard in our compound. It was my landlord, and so I asked him what on earth he was doing at this time behind the house.”

Abubakar Mohammed said, based on his query, his landlord explained that his child was not well, and a fetish priestess said they needed to perform some rituals for the child, and that’s what they are doing.
” So, I left them,” he said.

Source: Joynews

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