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Stay calm over Wesley Girls’ fasting deadlock – Chief Imam to Muslims

BY: Adoanewsonline.com

The National Chief Imam has called on the Muslim community to remain calm as his outfit works to resolve the current deadlock at the Wesley Girls’ High School.

In a statement by the spokesperson for the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Armiyawo Shaibu said, this is the first time such an issue is coming up, and so we understand why most Muslims have become passionate about it. We don’t fault them at all, however, we urge them to let calm prevail as we work to resolve the issue.”

“The Chief Imam has called for immediate consultations between the Christian and Muslim leaders. And we are hopeful that we will settle the issue amicably. We are employing the empathetic engagement to resolve this issue.”

He further cautioned the Muslim community to be careful not to generalise the issue as it will breed religious divisions.

“We are being careful not to make this issue a matter of religious confrontation. We acknowledge that there are Christian mission schools where Muslim students are treated well. So we will not be fair to the Christian community if we decide to generalize the issue.”

“We want to address the Wesley Girls’ High school specifically, together with other schools with similar issues.”

Source: CNR

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