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We don’t get wives because of our job-Trotro mates

BY: Nana Akua Sackey & Juliana Fiergbor

Over the years, bus conducting has become a very lucrative means of survival for both the young and the old, usually associated with individuals who find it difficult to get better job opportunities, likewise those that do not find interest in going to school.

One common encounter in buses is neverending quarrels between passengers and bus conductors which raises the topic of insolence on the part of conductors.  

Today’s story is focused on the stigma attached to the job of a conductor.

The notoriety attached to this profession is simply due to the sheer appearance of these conductors or in simple terms trotro-mate from wearing saggy jeans to wearing dreadlocks and in most cases poor personal hygiene in general.  In a conversation with some bus conductors and drivers at the Slaa market around the Accra post office, they said: their wives and girlfriends have left them on multiple occasions because of low sales and the tag of violence ensnared with the job as a conductor.

Answering why they were deemed violent Mr.Nii Quae a bus driver who has also been a conductor for over ten years told ADOA NEWS TEAM that, “we are not violent but sometimes you have to stern on some passengers to get your cash. these passengers sometimes board our buses with their already impending wahala and  vent it one us in the bid to get our part of the job done”

These conductors could not help but interject the conversation with the recent spikes in fuel prices which in turn affects their sales and result in their inability to cater for their families.  As every story is said to have multiple sides I engaged some passengers to elicit their part of the story and they told me: some conductor’s luck home training and speaking manners which they sincerely suggest is the cause of almost all the quarrels in commercial buses.

However, some also claim since respect is reciprocal bus conductors should give passengers the same respect they demand and vice-ver.

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