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Nature smiled back at Rastafarian boy and siblings

Some schools and other international institutions have offered exceptional admission, including full scholarships and meals to Rastafarian triplets who have been denied admission to some Senior High Schools (SHS) due to their dreadlocks.  

The said offer came after sisters of one of the boys, who were admitted by St. John’s Grammar School were also asked to cut down their hair at the height of the controversy about whether to be admitted or not.

The two girls, Nikita and Amrita Marhguy, make up triplets with Tyrone Marguay.

According to Manuel Koranteng, father of all three students, Ras Marhguy, said the girls returned from school on Monday with a message that they report with their parents the next day to discuss their hair. This was after they had been allegedly admitted and had started school.

“They came on the 18th [March 2021] to submit all the documents they were asked to bring. But they came with a complaint that the old students wanted me to come and talk about their hair. When we came to submit the [documents], I saw the headmaster and spoke pointed to the girls and told him I wanted to talk about their hair.

“But he said no problem, you should make sure they submit everything and then be in the school and then you can come next week so we talk. So I thought everything was cool until they came with this report yesterday,” he said.

At the height of the controversy, six schools have offered to admit the students unconditionally, with some offering full scholarships plus meals to them.

Disclosing to joynews, one of the schools (name withheld) said, “We do believe that no student should be denied education. We also believe that, yes, students need to learn to obey rules but those rules in any way should not deny students the opportunity to education, which is a basic right for kids.

“So our own rules allow us to admit students that are Rastafarians, perhaps who have dreadlocks [and] we felt that, why not give them the opportunity?

Nonetheless, “we also had to discuss the cost [of Education] because we are very much aware that for students that are enrolled in the free SHS, they may not be able to afford International Education.

He also noted, “it was not just a matter of giving them an alternative, but you also need to look at supporting them cost wise that’s why we’re reaching out so that we can give them offer so that their education won’t be curtailed at that age.”

Source: Joynews

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