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Smoking marijuana is integral to Rastafarianism – Daniel Fenni

BY: Anfred

The debate over the acceptance or not of dreadlocked students in Senior High Schools has invited many voices in the ongoing issues.

Speaking on the AM. Ghana Show, Mr Daniel Fenni who happens to be an Educationist has hinted that Dreadlocks is an integral part of the Rastafarian religion and it is equally believed that smoking marijuana is integral to Rastafarianism.

According to him, Irrespective of the boy’s background, Every sensible human institution has codes of conduct they abide with. He said, even though the boy happens to pass the Basic Education Certificate Examination with 6 A’s, Intelligence only forms a minute part of the process of education.

Meanwhile, the former director-general Mr. Charles Aheto-Tsega iterated that, Achimota has built its reputation through its culture, therefore it can’t be possible to shelf its culture to embrace others.

“Every school has its rules, and they contribute to its distinctiveness. Achimota became what it is because of its culture. So you do not go to Achimota and want the school to shelf its culture and embrace yours. If you think you cannot abide by the rules of a particular Senior High School, you can as well look for one that will accommodate your beliefs.”  

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