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Every senior high school has its distinct culture which should not be tampered with – former GES director

BY: Anfred

The issue of the refusal of the Two Rastafarians who have been denied access to education has been gaining a lot of controversies in the media space.

It is of no doubt for former heads and directors of the GES to add to the voices of the ongoing debates. The former director-general of the Ghana Education Services, Mr. Charles Aheto-Tsega has asserted that every Senior High School has its distinct culture, which should not be tampered with.

Speaking on CitiTv and monitored by Adoanewsonline.com, the former director-general iterated that, Achimota has built its reputation through its culture, therefore it can’t be possible to shelf its culture to embrace others.

“Every school has its rules, and they contribute to its distinctiveness. Achimota became what it is because of its culture. So you do not go to Achimota and want the school to shelf its culture and embrace yours. If you think you cannot abide by the rules of a particular Senior High School, you can as well look for one that will accommodate your beliefs.”  

He continued by saying “So the students may have been placed in a particular school alright, but after the placement, they go to the schools to enroll. And when they get there, they are presented with the school’s rules and regulations; you’ll then have to make a decision as to whether or not you’ll stay.

Meanwhile, Achimota Senior High School has rejected the directive of the Ghana Education Service (GES) to admit the two Rastafarians with dreadlocks. This outcome came after an extensive meeting between the parents of the two boys, officials of the Ghana Education Service (GES), and the management of the school.

“The assistant director was saying that he didn’t understand why there was this big social media issue and why the media is making brouhaha over this and that he felt that the thing has been blown out of proportion.”

Hitherto to this, The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) has asked the Ghana Education Service (GES) to immediately reverse its directive of asking authorities at Achimota School to admit a Rastafarian student. According to President of NAGRAT Angel Carbonu if GES fails to reverse the directive, his members will join their colleagues in the school to take a series of actions.

“We have no option than to solidarize with our teachers in Achimota [School] and in any other school,” he said.

Source: Adoanewsonline

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