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The harsh reality: money a barter for education

BY: Emmanual Willson

Child labor in Ghana and Africa as a whole has been of social interest for generations, Adoa TVs Emmanuel Wilson on his “The harsh reality” chronicles has uncovered another interesting aspect of child labor.

Children who have willingly decided to engage in the act because of some peculiar reasons. About 9:43 am, Adoa TVs news team arrived at the James Town beach to find out whether light finishing in a way has affected the aquatic life at this beach. However, upon arrival, something strange caught my attention, Children minor who is supposed to be in school as they were all of the school-going age were here fishing and mending fishing nets.

As shocked as I was I decided to take a detour from my mission and set the focus elsewhere, the sight of the camera brought some sort of glee to them as they were willing to have a conversation with me on camera. Another risk factor was that all the sundry were without a face or nose mask, I decided to overlook this as they were agitated when I decided to inquire from them why it was so.

I engaged some adults they told me, they were concerned too but the hardship these days also have contributed to this phenomenon. The question here today is, with all the government’s social intervention to aid education, what other thing can remedy this situation and how can society also play a role.

Source: Adoanews

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