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Cultural display should have been prominently featured at Rawlings’ funeral – Dzifa Gomashie

BY: Seth Nana Poku

The Parliamentary representative for Ketu South, Dzifa Gomashie has expressed her dismay over the lack of cultural display at the funeral grounds of the late former President, Jerry John Rawlings.

She referred to the important role Mr Rawlings had played in upholding the cultural norms of the country and had hoped that a traditional or cultural display would have featured prominently at his funeral. Although she acknowledged that there was some display of culture at the grounds, she is of the opinion that the organisers could have done more to honour the late former President’s contribution to Ghanaian culture.

“When he chose to celebrate the smock as one of his official garments at state functions and so on, he didn’t stop talking about the fact that he liked Ghanaian foods, he didn’t stop himself from jumping into the rings to also dance “Agbadza” and any other dance for that matter.

He brought home the appreciation of who we are, the appreciation for our culture and heritage,” she explained. Honorable Dzifa revealed that during the tenure the late former President, ensured that Ghanaian culture was interwoven with national events.

“I am only sad double today because the culture that he so upheld I didn’t feel it at the ground and that made me extremely sad. I’m sure perhaps there is a reason why…she opened.

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