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Must-Know: Why hair scarfing is important to women

Scarfing of hair during the 13th century B.C was a practice that was permitted among aristocratic women and an abomination for women of lower status especially prostitutes to cover their hair with a cloth and were punished when caught.

However, in the 20th century scarfing of hair became popular not only for the privileged but for all classes of women. In recent years, scarfing of hair is no longer popular as before due to the introduction of the latest wig caps and hairstyles making scarfing of hair seem archaic.

In some religious settings, hair covering is a necessity before a woman is allowed to worship. This has been backed by various biblical statements. However, a large number of churches are seen to be lenient on this. Whiles, it is still forbidden under the Islamic religion for a woman to worship with her hair uncovered. It is the perception of some people in our societies that women who are seen with their hair covered with scarves are from good homes and well mannered.

A visit to the Makola Market to speak to some people and traders revealed that; people still buy headscarves but as a fashion accessory while a few also buy to cover their hair for religious purposes. The different designs, colors, and styles of modern scarves get women to also purchase them and are usually used as accessories to complement hairstyles and wig caps.

Some men also agreed that it is very good for a lady to scarf her hair whiles some argued that it is a thing of the past and would not even allow their daughters or wives to do so because there are a lot of accessories that can be used to beautify oneself than a scarf.

We have come to understand that every generation has its own lifestyle whiles older women prefer to scarf their hair especially when going to church or functions, the younger generation rather uses headscarves as fashion accessories or better still go without them. Modernization has caused a change in the use of scarves and we look to see where it goes after here.

By: Sannie Agyeiwaa Gloria

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