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Public, Healthcare Professionals advised to report adverse drug reactions to FDA

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) in a statement has cautioned all public and health professionals on the need to report side effects of medicines taken into the body by patients to the FDA.

The medicine Safety also known as #MedSafetyWeek is the 5th Annual social media campaign held on the 2nd of November on the theme “EVERY REPORT COUNTS” to help create awareness on the need to report any issue of side effect.

According to the FDA, “Medicines are safe and effective, but side effects, also known as adverse drug reactions, can happen. It is hard to predict who will experience a side effect, but it is essential that any potential risks, including how a medicine is used, are understood and communicated”.

The FDA says together with the Technical Advisory Committee will analyze safety reports from the public and handle regulatory actions such as educating Patients and health professionals to help curb or eradicate risks associated with taking in a particular medicine.

The FDA has encouraged Healthcare Professionals and Patients to report any problem or side effects from any medicines to help the FDA identify unknown and serious problems with medicines be it herbal or otherwise.


By ;Sannie Agyeiwaa Gloria

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