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How profitable is the delivery services business

In recent times, there has been a surge in the number of delivery companies in Accra on the back of impressive growth in the e-commerce space in Ghana which is dominantly attributed to Covid-19. 
Most individuals with some amount of capital have ventured into the delivery services business. 

In this report, Naa Anyema Collison tells the story of how profitable the delivery business venture is in Ghana. 
The delivery services business appears to be gaining economic fortune following the study growth of E-commerce among others And this is encouraging individuals with some the amount of capital to enter into the business despite all odds and not thinking about unforeseen challenges in the business. 

Industry  operators say it used to be profitable
Sam Kusi Appiah the CEO of the take-off delivery service said the business used to be very profitable but due to a surge in the e-commerce industry, lots of individuals have ventured into the business.

Addressing the issues regarding the regulatory commission, the CEO narrated his encounter with the  Commission some time ago;  it’s costly to get registered with the commission.

Kingsley Nene Akrobeto is the operations manager for gateway delivery service said a lot of people get into business but it is still profitable despite unforeseen challenges. He added that he is yet to register with the commission because of the cost involved in getting a license but has registered with the  Registrar General and Ghana Revenue Authority”  
Riders say the delivery services business in Ghana is very lucrative.
Charles tells me that he switched to the Okada delivery business because it is easier for him to gain his daily bread from the business.
Kofi is of the view that the government should put in proper regulations in terms of the policy.

In a bid to find answers to your questions and concerns raised by delivery service operators and riders, the news team visited the postal and courier commission to find out how the Commission regulates the business and what it is doing to illegal operators. 

  Nii Yeboah Edwin Burgesson the public relations and consumer affairs manager at the postal and courier service regulatory commission said the commission is aware of the illegal operators in the business but entreated all operators in the business to register with the commission.
He however advised the illegal operators to register with the Commission to bring sanity into the sector.

Story by Naa Anyema Collison

About Naa Anyema Collison

A broadcast journalist who has an interest in financial happenings in the world of business. Currently the face of AM News Host of Kids House Business Desk @Adoa Television

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