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Centre for greater impact Africa policy think tank launched

Centre for Greater Impact Africa policy tank has officially being launched on Thursday, Sept 24, 2020, in Accra.

The think tank was launched on the theme” Effective procurement for national development” and geared towards influencing, promoting, and ensuring sustainable development for the African continent and also improve the standard of living cum welfare of the people through economic engineering. 

Dr. Worlanyo Mensah, Executive Director at the launch urged the government to implement strategic planning to improve the livelihood of citizens. Dr. Worlanyo Mensah iterated that, governance isn’t about freebies, but rather strategic planning to enhance the livelihood of citizens.

He’s of the view that the country doesn’t even need a political manifesto. 

The collective think tank officially launched is geared towards influencing massive socio-economic and sustainable development through education, facilitating trade, investment, diversification as well as industrial support service.  Nevertheless, the main objectives are to procure scientific academic research, provide consultancy services, embark on a rigorous public education on socio-economic and good governance as well as strategically facilitate industrialization and investment drive for sustainable development.

By: Isaac Otoo

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