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Accra: death trap at the independence square

The Black Star Square, one of Ghana’s major monuments, which play host to numerous national events, has become a ticking time bomb.

After five decades of being in existence, the Square, popularly referred to as the Independence Square in Accra, is currently in a deteriorated state, posing danger to the hundreds of people who use the grounds for various events. The square was last given a major facelift 11 years ago when Ghana celebrated its 50 years of independence and has now developed serious cracks in the public stands as well as the VIP area, which hosts the presidential dais.

Iron rods used in the construction of the buildings at the square have been exposed to the vagaries of the weather, particularly the salty breeze from the sea, while some doors and seats at the grounds have been destroyed. The edifice which seats 30,000 people has major cracks on the sides and rear of some sections of the stands.

The most affected section is the stands sited closer to where President dais is sited during occasions. The Square has also become a temporary home especially for the homeless.

The current state of the monument leaves much to be desired and it gives credence to the culture of poor maintenance plaguing the country. It is expected that actions would be expedited to attend to the defects to avert any form of fatality that may hit the country sooner than later.

By: Isaac Otoo

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