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The Value of scrap business in Ghana- Raph Tetteh writes

The Value of scrap business in Ghana- Raph Tetteh-Adoanewsonline.com

Scrap business in Ghana has become one of the salient measures to improve the metal industry in the country. Scrap business is assumed to be the real source of income for some immigrants in other African countries but what about the indigenes?

Most scrap businesses in Accra are carried out beside the railway lines along the banks of the Odaw River cluttered with makeshift structures serving as a workplace for the scrap dealers. The area is surrounded by people who are mostly from the rural North and other African countries including Mali, Niger, Togo, and Burkina-Faso who have traveled in search of greener pastures.

In an exclusive interview with, The Secretary of the Greater-Accra scrap dealers association, Mohammed Ali shared with me Raphael Tetteh where scrap materials are derived from. According to him, Some of the materials are from fitting shops, households; obsolete television, air-conditioners that are not in use; “our boys buy them from industries and government institutions” he said.

Mr. Ali was quick to add that these scrap dealers have to pay for the materials that they pick. He disclosed that the kind of materials they look out for is mostly iron metals also known as ferrous which is used for the production of iron rods, machine parts, and building materials. This type of scrap material determines the amount to be paid by the scrap dealers.

Mr Awal Mohammed, the Organizer of the Greater Accra scrap dealers association also added that the dismantled scraps are sold to recycling companies.

By Raphael Tetteh

Post source : Adoanewsonline.com

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