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Major educational manifesto promises by NDC and NPP
Major educational manifesto promises by NDC and NPP

Major educational manifesto promises by NDC and NPP

All across the globe, political parties and politicians put before electorates their intentions if voted into power; these promises are put together in a document called a Manifesto.

Under the fourth republic, the two major political parties in Ghana, the NDC, and the NPP have through their manifesto made very interesting promises to Ghanaians; fulfilled and unfulfilled promises.

In 2008, the NDC promised to reverse the 4-year duration to 3 years of Senior Secondary Schools, revamp the science resource centers in selected SSS, Raise the number of SSS to increase uptake, and restore science and technology workshops to 2nd cycle girls going into science careers. The NDC won Power and fulfilled some of these promises.

However, the promise to bring all teacher training colleges under Teacher Training universities, expand teacher training facilities and institutions didn’t come into full realization as well as the intention to promote teachers based on some procedures. Governance experts and political analysts say the NPP lost the “FREE SHS” debate in 2012 as a result of their inability to give flesh to the promise.

The NDC on the other hand gave out a clear plan on how to implement the “PROGRESSIVELY FREE SHS” centered on the implementation of subsidizing fees for Day students and only to pay for a few dues; SRC dues and PTA levies. The NPP told Ghanaians the source of funding for the Free SHS which was the revenues generated from Ghana’s oil and this secured the party victory in the 2016 elections. The NDC has promised in its 2020 manifesto to abolish the double-track system and extend the FREE SHS to the private sector whilst completing the abandoned community day SHS.

The NPP on the other hand is promising to Build 16 Model SHS in Zongo communities across the 16 regions amongst other promises. The only persons who can tell the way forward for Ghana’s education sector are the Ghanaian electorates. And this will be done in the December 7th polls.

By Raphael Tetteh

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