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September to Remember -My First day on TV

Perhaps it was a calling, this whole TV thing but I guess I am not here to talk about how I got to work at a TV channel maybe anyway, another day.

Two years ago today I was employed by Adoa media Consult to be a member of the Sports team.

Fast forward I had done a lot of Production work,each and everyday i had prepared that i would get my shot, Mostly during my productions, I research and prepare for the show like I was the one going as the guest.

Coach Sam Kusi Appiah & Yaw Ampofo Jr

So this is some kind of special Saturday, today I felt i was going to make my official debut. So I told everyone in my community I was going to make an appearance on  TV including the witches and Wizards 😂 and they came along too 😂

Hw3 ….

That day koraa I wasn’t told I was going on set

I just believed that day I would make my debut🙏🏾
Man I wear my bronya Shirt plus my one trouser (I only had one trouser at that time) ,that blue black trouser 😂…

One of the guest for the show didn’t turn up…Yaay!

Chairman a start dey smile😀

Reginald Frimpong Ansah Adjaye [Middle]
Director of Adoatv

My Director talk say Yaw just hop on this….This is your chance….
Man week in,week out I have prepared for this day …I am not losing this chance ,like I said the House Witches tagged along …..Chairman a tap the Set top n)) Blackout😭

Yesu 😂

Standby Generator on so no yawa …

Host dey come introduce show n)) …Generator too go off 😂..

There aknow say something dey this world inside😂😭…

Show supposed to start at 9:30 it’s 10 already….

I just started giving up and slept….

So it’s 10:20 when the lights were back so we can still continue cos the show is a two hour thing….

Yaw Ampofo Jr
Sports Broadcast Journalist/Head of Social Media

The show started and all of a sudden I felt some nervousness but we move Question to me ….

A start they flow for like 5 mins n)) boom Blackout again😭

Then everybody start dey watch me {laughs}

Ibi me n)) carry my house witches come the set top….But that five minutes was a real defining point for me…I would say

My Director was full of praises and asked them to put me on every Saturday😭

There’s a blessing in everything
I want to say thank you to my house witches

I couldn’t have done this without them

Let’s do more In the future 🤞🏾

There is blessing in every tear, Don’t give up because people say you are not good or because the obstacles are too much for you

There is Blessing in every bad moment

Just stay focused like we say in Mfantsipim

Think and Look ahead🤞🏾 always!be prepared & grasp your chance.


Yaw Ampofo Jr & Amanda Clinton [Lawyer &GFA Presidential Aspirant]

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