Voter Registration: N.I.A officials extort money from Us – Residents at ellembelle Fumes

Registrants in the Ellembelle district particularly Aiyinasi North and its environments are perplexed by the exhibition of uncalled for substandard level of unprofessionalism by some NIA officials in the area.

According to Abdul Hakeem Mahama, a Citizen vigilante, about hundreds of people, stormed the centre to collect their Ghana card only for some officials of the N.I.A to secretly asked the innocent people to pay 100 cedis before their Ghana cards could be released to them or consider an alternative of going to Accra for their identification cards.

He recounted that the end result is that most of these constituents would be disenfranchised as they may not be able to register or the voter turn out would be so low and has therefore called on all stakeholders and appropriate bodies to investigate the matter and put to rest the rising tempers as most constituents may never receive their Ghana cards.

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