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Premier League Confirms VAR Error

Manchester United’s midfielder Bruno Fernades opened the scoring against Aston Villa on Thursday from a penalty spot before two goals from Mason Greenwood and Paul Pogba ensured Manchester United remains unbeaten in 17 games.

Bruno Fernades opened the scoring in the 3-0 victory against Aston Villa over a relegation-threatened side from the penalty spot putting the team on the course of their fifth continuous victory which they now boost their top-four chances

The Premier League has confirmed that the VAR made an error in awarding a penalty chance to Manchester United causing their victory against Aston Villa

Fernades was judged to have been fouled by Ezra Konsa but replayed showed that the Portuguese midfielder was the one who committed the foul against as he trod his leg on Aston Villa defender’s leg. This angered the Villa Boss as he described the incident as a ‘graceful decision’ in his post-interview. He also added that VAR did look at the decision from on-field referee Moss Jon but did not overturn the call..

On the other hand, Ole Gunner, however, believed it was the right call he then said, ”I think the boy, he’s done a Zidane turn and the boy has stuck his leg out and Bruno Fernades has landed on him. If I try to jump away from someone and I land on someone as they try to tackle me, it’s a penalty so for me, it’s a pen”.

Story by Kokonsa Hemaa

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