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The 5 things all Chelsea fans needs to know about incoming star Said Benrahma

Said Benrahma

Chelsea has been linked with so many players this summer, and Said Benrahma is one of the players that Frank Lampard would wants at the Bridge next season.

It’s almost certain that Benrahma would be leaving Brentford for a bigger club this summer, as he has arguably become the best player in the championship for the past two seasons.

After the winger scored in Brentford 2–1 win over Charlton, Benrahma streamed a live video on Instagram, which Moroccan international, Fahd Moufi commented on the post, congratulating Benrahma on his move to Chelsea. The comment however brought smiles on the faces of Chelsea fans.

Five things You need to Know about the Said Benrahma ;

He Is A Prolific Goal Scorer: Said Benrahma is a player who loves to score at every slightest chance he gets to put the ball at the back of the net.

He has shown his goal scoring ability for two consecutive seasons at Brentford, he registered 11 goals last season and has scored 14 goals so far this season. As a winger, these goals scoring statistics are highly impressive.

2. Possesses Mesmerizing Dribbling Skills:Benrahma is a super fast player, with the ability to take-on defenders with ease. Some of his major characteristics is speed, pace and quick thinking of his next move, which enable him to get past his opposition easily.He also possesses some set of Dribbling Skills, like feints, and other skills he uses to get past defenders.

3. He is Creative: Benrahma won the award for the player with the highest assists in the championship last season. He finished last season with 17 assists for Brentford across all competition. Apart from his goal scoring ability, he also has vision to give the final pass for his teammates to score.

Benrahma is also a good crosser of the ball, when he plays from the wings, he always put accurate crosses into the 18 yard box, which finds his teammates and they score from them.

4. He is Versatile: Said Benrahma primarily plays from the left flank, but has the ability to play on the right and can also play as an attacking midfielder, behind the striker.Having the ability to play multiple positions on the pitch, is and added advantage to him, because he can’t be man marked by a player, due to the fact that he can change position at anytime.

5. He Drops Back To Help The Team: Said Benrahma possesses pace and strength to drop back, when his team is without the ball. Benrahma helps his team defend and try to retrieve the ball back from their opposition. He is more of a team player, who puts the team results first, before personal honours.

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