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Conti project was excessively exorbitant under NDC administration – Atta Akyea

The Minister for Works and Housing while responding to a question as to why the sector has abandoned the ‘CONTI Project’ disclosed that the cost for the project was extravagant under the NDC administration.

He explained that a critical look at the contract showed some material differences in the contract sum.

He added that the contract, dated 10th June, 2013, was between the Republic of Ghana and the CONTI International LLC, at a contract sum of US$ 593,585,363.00, was different from what Parliament approved with the sum of US$ 538,299,497.00.

A difference of US$ 55,285,866.00 he said, could not be traced to any justifiable expenditure, particularly against the backdrop showing that the estimate was computed without proper and adequate engineering drawings, designs and bills of quantities.

The Minister lamented that, if the sum of US$ 55,285,866.00 was the EXIM exposure fee as stated in the Memorandum to Parliament, then they are yet to comprehend why the Bank would waive such huge sum of money in respect of the reduced contact price.

On the argument of the pricing of the contract, the Minister highlighted that the evidence from the Architectural and Engineering Services Limited(ASEL) in a Value for Money Audit Report dated 30th May,2013, is conclusive that, the so-called engineering drawings, designs and bill of quantities could not in any way justify the loan amount of US$ 593,585,363.00

Hon. Atta Akyea further expressed that value for money was also not regarded since it is difficult to come to terms with the fact that,  a single contract should be priced at US$ 595,735,000.00.

He said ” the argument was that “when you juxtapose the limited scope of the CONTI project against the 8 drainage projects in the Greater Accra Region, CONTI’s cost is excessively exorbitant.”

Meanwhile, the minority caucus in parliament rose up with follow-up questions/claiming that the report was not accurate.


MP for Ablekuma South Constituency stated that the report presented by the Minister, is not complete.

He, therefore, requested that the Minister should conduct a thorough investigation to being out actual facts.

Also, first deputy Minority Whip Hon. Ibrahim Ahmed, asked if the minister could provide as well as make available an audit report to the house.

Mr. Atta Akyea responding to the concerns raised by the Minority stated emphatically that his reports are accurate and he will ensure that the audit report is made available.

By: Mary Quartey

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