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Comparison Between The Old Voter’s ID Card And New Voter’s Card

There has been a lot of discourse around the compilation of a new voters ID card to be used in the upcoming 2020 General Elections. It takes between 10 to 40 minutes to acquire a valid Voter’s ID card in the ongoing registration exercise. Taking a critical look at the old voter’s ID and the new Voters ID, there are some distinctive features which makes the new voter’s ID unique.
The differences between the two cards.

The old voter’s identification card has the Ghana flag at the top left corner, Beneath it is the polling station Code followed by the voter identification number, the bar code, age, sex, the registration date and full name of the voter with the photograph at the right side card the old voter identification card, has a red photo background.

On the other hand, the new voter’s identification card has some unique features that are not on the old voter’s identification card. It has the logo of the Electoral Commission at the top right corner of the card and the Ghana flag on the opposite side at the top right corner.
The middle part of the card has the voter surname, Other names, Sex, Polling station Code, Voter’s identification number, Date of birth, and date of registration.
To top it all there is a QR scan.

The voter’s card also has a picture of the voter with a blue background.

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