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Reopening of schools: final year students prepare ahead of examination

Some students have embarked on serious preparations ahead of final examination after the president announced the reopening of schools across the country as part of easing restrictions on social gathering.

The students who were learning during the late hours around 23:00GMT disclosed that even though they were prepared for their examinations the lockdown gave them the opportunity to cover all the lapses left behind.

They added that they didn’t know when school would resume for the exams so they sought to always learn during the day and throughout the night.

It will be recalled that on the March 16, 2020 the president of the Republic of Ghana Nana Akufo-Addo announced enhanced measures to combat the deadly novel coronavirus which includes the ban on social gathering including religious activities, funerals, weddings, schools, political rallies among others.

During the ban on social gathering students who were preparing for their final year examination were asked to go back home and the date for their final examination was postponed until further notice from the examination council.

As part of easing the restrictions, the president during his 10th address on the coronavirus stated that only final year students of Tertiary, SHS and JHS will resume on 15th, 22nd and 29th of June respectively.

When the were asked how they enjoyed the online studies some said they could not join or get access to the studies because it was expensive buying bundle, they also shared their views in terms of mingling with students on campus saying they are afraid because they don’t know who is positive.

Story by: Capt. George McClean

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