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The significance of beads to Ghanaians

Beads are a fundamental part of Ghanaian heritage and have played an important role in the cultural, Economic and artistic expression of the African people.

Some years past, many people considered beads as slightly old fashioned, however, in recent times beads are cherished by not jewellers alone, but everyday people in and outside Africa who love and appreciate them for their captivating beauty.

 Beads hold a special Mythical significance but yet completely important in modern-day Fashion trends.

Primarily, beads in Ghanaian culture are considered as fashionable items. However, they go beyond decoration. They are also used for communication and exhibiting social status.

According to some local traders, the bead revival is a sign that young Ghanaians are experiencing what she called Sankofa.

As a form of recognition and craft representation, Christie Quincyna Quarcoopome a Ghanaian musician popularly known as cina Soul has adopted wearing of beads as a unique branding feature to accentuate her prominence in the music scene.


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