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Government to reconstruct new bridges in Accra to mitigate flooding

Flooding in the capital is mainly caused by poor planning of towns and cities, poor drainage systems, improper disposal of refuse, silting and choked drains, improper enforcement of laws on building construction and sanitation. Poor drainage systems contribute greatly to flooding in Accra.

One of the major effects of flooding is the destruction of life and property. Many people lose their lives through flooding. Flooding also results in the destruction of buildings and vehicles, rendering a lot of people homeless. Animals such as cattle, sheep, goats, fowls and dogs die during the floods.

In an interview with Mr. Seth Kudzordzi the head of drainages at the hydrological services department under the ministry of works and housing, he said, the government with support from the World bank will by the last quarter of this year begin the reconstruction of new bridges within the Accra metropolis to mitigate perrenial floodings.

According to Mr. Kudzordzi, bridges to be reconstructed and lifted to make water flow easily when it rains to the Korle-lagoon to the sea includes The railway bridge, Graphic road bridge, Abbosey okai bridge also the Kaneshie drain all the way to rhe meet the odaw as well as the awudome drain.

Two bridges around circle will be reconstructed. The lower section of the nima drain will also be reconstructed. He stressed.

He assures Ghanaians that, Accra will experience some relief from floods when the project is completed.

By: Isaac Otoo

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