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Ghana’s first Apple tree bears fruits

In Ghana, there are some various fruits that cannot survive in here with the likes of Apple, Strawberry and Grapes etc due to the weather temperature here.

Growing up, we were told that an Apple tree can never survive in Ghana but undoubtedly, the first-ever Appletree has been cultivated successfully after five solid years since it was planted in a Wiamoase in the Ashanti Region.

This tree was planted by a young female due to her inquisitiveness, God being so good to her, the tree has bear fruits and can be reaped.

This is the first time an Apple tree has survived in the land of Ghana and is historical.

This clearly tells that, with the aid of our agricultural sense, Ghana can also grow an Apple without importing from the central countries.

Ghana can now brag of owing an Apple tree as it is one of the unique fruits in the world. Most Africa countries can’t grow Apple trees due to the weather temperature here.

By Kokonsa Hemaa

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