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CSIR To Visit Wiamoase And Assess Apple Tree

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) to visit Wiamoase tomorrow to assess apple tree.

CSIR- Crops Research Institute In Kumasi has stated it plans to visit Wiamoase tomorrow, May 19th, 2020 to assess the real situation of the alleged apple tree which has been viral on social media for some days now.

In a Facebook post by one Barima Nana Osei which a tree was seen sprouted with ripe apples, said it took five years for the apple to bear fruits.

He appealed to authorities to come get him and his family the required fertilizers and product to keep the tree in shape and also pleaded with Agricultural researchers and expects to come examine the tree and if possible, make available seeds and seedlings for mass production.

Even though a lot of Ghanaians have expressed their excitement for seeing an apple tree grow in Ghana for the first time, others also tried to prove to the public that the alleged tree is not an apple tree but another tree that looks like an apple tree.

So based on that, CSIR- Crops Research Institute in Kumasi has revealed it plans on visiting Wiamoase tomorrow to asses the real situation do they can give an informed opinion to the public..

By Kokonsa Hemaa

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