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In Ghana, many patients who have recovered from COVID-19 are facing stigmatization and discrimination.

Indeed, one of the major concerns following the spread of COVID-19 is the growing spate of stigmatisation of people with the new coronavirus.

The disease has unfortunately serving as a vehicle for discrimination and stigma around the world and is it not only dangerous but also puts everyone at risk

Because of stigmatisation, many people who have the disease could fake not to have the virus just because of being scared of being labelled as “the one with the Coronavirus”.”

Stigmatization for us is the real virus we should all be scared of, because it has the potential to disrupt all the efforts that has been made in the past decades to fight against discrimination and stigma.

Adoa TV’S Esther Ankrah interacts with some Ghanaians to have their take and views on Stigmatization as far as covid-19 is concerned.

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