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Akuffo Addo Focusses More On Women – Pius Hadzide

Pius Hadzie, the deputy information Minister has asserted that, the administration of Akuffo Addo’s focus is to allow Ghanaian women heave a sigh of relief in these trying times.

In a press briefing, Pius said, Ghanaian women should be rest assured that we have a president and a government which is behind women particularly even though generally the president is behind the whole country but of particular interest in women”.

He also stated explained that “The things like water and electricity are matters of major concerns to mother’s so for the President to want to engage in humanitarian and sensitive enterprises of absorbing utility tariffs.
If you ask women, it touches them directly.”

Pius noted that the reason President Nana Addo Dankwah absorbed three months utility tariffs for Ghanaians was that the President’s focus is on women though he cares for all.

He added, the policy was to enroll girls to get them educated to bridge the the girl-chiild education gap left over the years.

Finalizing he entreated to appreciate the government’s interventions put in place to favour all.

Kokonsa Hemaa

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