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Premier league season must continue but not at the cost of life – Daniel Farke

Premier league season must continue but not at the cost of life says Norwich city Coach Daniel Farke.

Relegation threaten Norwich City coach Daniel Farke, says must be given every chance to try and achieve their “little miracle” – but not at the cost of a life.

The Canaries Premier League relegation battle and bid for FA Cup glory is on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Norwich City are bottom of the Premier League and reportedly one of a number of clubs opposed to resuming the season, in the hope it would save them from relegation.

But Farke says he wants the chance to fight on.

“For us we deserve to work on our little miracle and stay in this league,” said City’s head coach. “We also have a great chance in the FA Cup and we deserve our chance to try to win this competition.

“My general attitude is we should try everything to finish the season, but if it’s the situation we can save, with not finishing the season, just one life, we need to do this because all the money and all the good mood and all the fairness aspects are not important when it’s about the life of a human being at risk and if we finish the season and we just would risk one life and one human being then we shouldn’t do this.

“That is my general attitude – let’s try everything to do this because out of many reasons we should do this, but without risking any health or any life of a human being.

“It is not up to me to find the right decision, it is up really to the people who have the knowledge about this.”

By Yaw Ampofo Jr

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