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Covid 19 And Ramadan

Due to the heavy effect the corona virus has on compromised human immune systems, medical experts all around the world have constantly advised the general public to eat well since food serves as an immune booster.

Meanwhile Muslims around the world started observing the holy month of Ramadan last week Friday, a spiritual exercise that involves fasting and prayers for one month.

Now the question is, Will the fasting affect the immune system of Muslims thereby weakening their immune system?

An immunopathologist from the University of Ghana Mr. ABDUL – RAHMAN MUBARAK WHO SPOKE TO Adoa News said the Ramadan days have been difficult but they are trying their best to comply to all directives by the president.

He said Islam is about togetherness but with covid 19 in the system they haven’t been able to act normal as compared to previous years.

He added that the periodic prayers five times a day amounting to 13 to 15 hours from dawn to sunset will still be observed.

With regards to Ramadan having an impact on the immune system of an Islamic person, Mr Mubarak said the Ramadan fasting has no complication on the immune system because it has to do with alternating between fast and feast.

Again Mr Mubarak said the maximum time for carbohydrate to digest in ones system is about 6 to 12 hours and a good balanced diet could keep your immune system going.

He stressed that for one to fast it means waking up at dawn to eating and there is the need to pay proper attention to your early morning meal.

Islam principles exempts sick people from the fasting process and if a sick person goes contray to this it becomes a sin, he added.

Speaking on the climax of the celebration of sallah, Mr Mubarak said they hope and pray that by the end of their fasting and prayers covid 19 would have left the shores of Ghana to allow them celebrate and thank Allah in a grand style.

A story by Samuel Kusi Appiah.

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