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Abusec is no longer going to be used as an isolation centre

Aburaman Senior High School has been earmarked as an isolation centre for Covid-19 should the District record any victim or victims of Covid-19 from other regions will be sent there for quarantine.

The youth of Abura Dunkwa on 17 of April 2020 took to the street and burnt tires to drum home their displeasure with the Assembly to select the Secondary Schools as an Isolation Centre adding that the possibility of contracting the disease in the community will be easier if the school is selected as an isolation centre.

They laid claims that the Chief was not consulted before the decision was taken stressing that the Assembly wanted to secretly do without the knowledge of the traditional authorities of the community.

ABUSEC Is a No place for isolation centre- Angry youth bemoan -Anfrebeats.com

Adoa Tv’s Central Regional correspondent who spoke with Nana Asokwakwegyir II, Omanhen of Abura Dunkwa on the matter said he had information that the Assembly has consented to the use of the Girls Dormitory for an isolation centre.

The District Chief Executive of the Municipality, Hon. Aba Hagan was called for a phone interview to find out if the Assembly did not consult the chief of the community and his elders but she was fractious and hanged up the phone ending her statement with “We won’t use the place and you can it up whenever you want”. several attempts to speak to the youth have proved futile.

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