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Surviving a Lockdown-Johnnie Hughes writes

People stored food for two weeks. Now, there is a one more week extension and most of them cannot go out because they aren’t able to convince the security at the checkpoints. The market women are crying that their wares are going bad. But the people must feed because the first law of nature is survival.

Here are my suggestions, as endorsed by a few including security analyst, Adam Bonaa:

  1. Get the market closer to the people using the local assemblies, online foodstuff traders and big trucks/vans supervised to get into the communities.

2. Schedule the trucks in such a way that they carry selected foodstuff on specific days over a period of time.

3. Plant the security within communities to ensure social distancing while people come out to buy their goods. This is to ensure that we do not repeat the chaotic situation we presently experience per the hot meals distribution to the poor and vulnerable.

4. The President could use an Executive Instrument to direct that prices of food items do not get overpriced. This will prevent the undue price hikes and the needless profiteering we saw prior to the lockdown.

I continue to Think!

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