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Earmarked funds capping and realignment act collapsing NHIS – Hon. Akandoh

The member of parliament for Juaboso Constituency in the Western Region, Hon. Kwabena Mintah Akandoh has stated that the introduction of the earmarked funds and realignment Act 2017 (Act 947)  which is applicable to NHIS is collapsing the scheme.

He noted that government is siphoning monies in the name of capping whiles critical thinkers are of the view that there is the need for other viable alternatives of funding the NHIS.

Backing his statement, he disclosed that in 2017, the NHI levy that was collected summed up to Ghs 2,233,912,183.00 and the amount that was allocated amounted to  Ghs 1,814,537,436.00 and the amount capped was also GH 419,374,747.00; this he indicated was captured in page 202 of the 2018 budget.

This capped amount,  Hon. Akandoh lamented could have been used to complete some abandoned hospitals started by the NDC government or construct over 100 CHIPS compounds.

Again he disclosed that in 2019 the NHI levy collected was Ghs 2,381,014,749.00. The amount allocated was GH 1,692,678,294 and the amount capped was GH 688,336,455 also stated in page 205 of the 2019 budget.

He iterated that the capped amount here could have also paid for the amount owed HISPAC and the Private Health Facilities Association of Ghana, which is about Gh 200 million.

Furthermore, 2020  budgeted NHI levy

is GH 2,582,257,802.00 the amount to be allocated is GH 191, 615,926.00 and the amount to be capped is GH 390,638,876.00 also on page 217 of the 2020 budget.

Hon. Kwabena Mintah Akandoh expressed that beneficiaries of the NHIS and service providers are handicapped today because of the capping law.  This he said is negatively affecting payment of claims and causing untold hardship to the service providers.

Story: Mary Quartey

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