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New voters register is a necessary evil: Rev. Dr. Worlanyo Mensah

Rev. Dr. Worlanyo Mensah a lecturer at the Department of Economics and development studies at the Wisconsin University Accra Ghana and Research Fellow with the Institute of Chartered Economists of Ghana, has also added his voice to the most controversial topic in the country with divergent views of political parties, individuals and coalition which is the decision by the Electoral Commission to compile a new voters register.

Below is a copy of his statement.

The Electoral Commission of Ghana is mandated by law and with all professional standards to organise and run elections in Ghana.
Recent developments regarding their roles and responsibilities is a concern for all not only the core stakeholders or industry players.

Arguments, as to value for money as well as effective and efficient utilization of state resources, are still a challenge to us as a nation taking into account Cost-Benefit analysis.

But the bottom line is that the success or failure of the upcoming election depends largely on how best the Electoral Commission is able to put relevant structures and Mechanisms in place to ensure free, fair and transparent election which will be acceptable by all.

Various stakeholders can advise and make suggestions but not to command or control the activities, policies and programmes of the Commission.

Therefore the commission should be allowed to Organise new voters register out of their will.

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