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Humbly respect teachers, president Nana Addo – Boadi William of EGS

Education, they say is the pivot around which nation-builders revolve. But who is responsible for training those nation builders we do talk about?

How to lay the foundation, how to plaster it, how to paint it, and above all, how to roof it? All these need to be taught by someone. And who is the tutor here? Is it not our own country teachers?

It is very irritating, sorrowful, and acrimonious when it comes to the provision of the needs of the teachers in Ghana.

Look, graduate teachers are wailing because of postings and the trained teachers are also demanding postings. They have completed their training as part of the 2016/2017 batch. Sadly, on Monday 13/01/2020

Did the police arrest the four leaders speared their protest just to frighten and bully them why? You are the head of the snake and you need not be told on again before you act as a father. “Never underestimate the knowledge and power of a teacher”.

Teaching is not an easy task to joke with. Teachers suffer from dawn to dusk, helping their students to become better in their various fields. But a little they receive in returns. It seems politicians are trying to pollute Ghana’s educational system. Which is not going to give birth to any good results.

Everybody will be very elated to perform his or her functions properly when motivated to his or her satisfaction. It is, therefore, the duty of the government to provide a better condition of services to the teachers.

Mr President, Educate Ghana Summit is advocating for the teachers. They deserve a better condition of services. As we speak, teachers condition of services as compared to that of the politician and others is nothing to write home about.

Why are our teachers being treated badly in this country of ours?

Mr President, may you permit me to wake up from your slumber? Kindly open your eyes and rethink to do something better for our teachers in this country. Positive change must occur in the lives of the Ghanaian teachers, for they are going through the meal.

In case you cannot see their tears, it does not mean they do not cry. For your information, your teachers are howling because some police officers are molesting them in hunger.

Some people are talking to these learned squad anyhow because of political power. They must know that the actions depicted could be detrimental to the education fraternity.

Because a psychologically molested teacher cannot deliver very well in the classroom.

Oh! Lord have mercy on teachers in Ghana.

Teachers were your fathers when you were schooling and up to now, they are still your fathers. But your actions towards them look like a son punishing his own father. But in the actual case “a son cannot raise his father to look at a cow”

Educate Ghana Summit is advocating for a better treatment for the teachers they way you treat your Ministers of state.

Educate Ghana Summit speaks nothing but the truth because the truth that will take us away from our sufferings. I salute all the teachers.


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