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lhaji Gyanfaru Saeed Karim

Politicians should check their s.p.e.r.m

Every activity is based on a principle or theory and Alhaji Gyanfaru Saeed Karim; a communication member of the ruling New Patriotic Party (N.P.P) has shared his idea of a Personality theory assessment criteria: the SPERM THEORY.

According to Alhaji Karim on “This Morning” Show, a flagship programme on Adoa TV, politicians must be wary of their Social, Political, Economical, Religious and Moral (S.P.E.R.M.) being.

Justifying the Theory, Alhaji said Politicians must understand the concept of Society, advising that Politicians should put in their best in knowing the constituents and paving way for the electorate to also know them, hence the stress on education. He says politicians must not only make themselves known but also make themselves relevant. “the concept of antagonism must give way to collaboration” he adduced.

He also added that, Politically, some politicians have ‘goofed’ and must not allow politics to divide the nation. On the Economical aspect of the S.P.E.R.M. Theory Alhaji defended that Politicians must be financially sound because the running towards elections is expensive and some politicians have spent so much in the just ended Local Assembly elections. Alhaji indicated that a good economic standing buttresses a good political communication stating that “if you are a good candidate but your economic capacity is not there, definitely it will affect you”. 

A good politician must be able to break into every religious sect in Ghana if he or she wants to succeed. It is indeed apparent to note that some areas in Ghana are dominated by some specific sect and as such there could be bias in elections within such areas. A piece of Very fair advice.

“A good name is always better than riches” is a common adage that triggers a question of morality. Alhaji pronounced that some persons have built so many bad names for themselves and that may not go well in line with politics or political ambitions. Alhaji advised that Politicians must strive to build a good name regardless of the situation and they can only do this by conducting a SWOT analysis on their morality and persona.  

In conclusion, Alhaji Karim added that his own life is guided by the SPERM principle that he propounded and wishes to share this free counsel with politicians and the populace.

Alhaji shared this information during the Newspaper Review Segment where he made common, his view on the just ended Local Assembly elections to the Host, Reginald Addy of “This Morning Show” on Adoa TV.

By Reginald Addy.

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