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FDA Orders Withdrawal of 16 Brands of Tomato Paste from the Market

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has directed the withdrawal of all batches of certain 16 brands of tomato paste from the market which were found to contain the ingredients starch and colour (erythrosine), that were not indicated on the labels. These ingredients are not permitted in tomato paste.

These products, therefore, do not conform to the Ghana Standard for tomato paste (gs 246; 2013 processed fruits and vegetables – specification for tomato paste and tomato puree – 3rd edition and its revision gs 246: 2019 – 4th edition) and contravene the general labelling law, li 1541.

Affected companies have been instructed by the FDA to recall all the said batches of their products whiles retailers are also to immediately return such products in stock to their suppliers.

The FDA has commended companies which have commenced the process of recalling the affected products from the market.

The release was signed by Mrs Mimi Delese Darko, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Food and Drugs Authority, Ghana.

See below the full list of banned tomato paste brands from the markets after intensive market surveillance activities and subsequent laboratory analysis by the FDA

  1. Alyssa Tomato Paste (Double Concentration)
  2. Aicha Tomato Paste
  3. Snow Read Tomato Paste
  4. Shalom Tomato Paste
  5. Mama and Papa Tomato Paste
  6. Juliet Tomato Paste
  7. Star-Time Tomato Paste
  8. Daily Double Concentrated Tomato Paste
  9. Prestige Tomato Paste
  10. Roi Lion Double Concentrated Tomato Paste
  11. Riches Tomato Paste
  12. Green Garden Tomato Paste
  13. Rococo Tomato Paste
  14. Nano Tomato Paste
  15. Tasty Family Tomato Paste
  16. Ma Bravo Tomato Paste

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