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Excessive agro chemicals spoiling our business – tomato traders

Tomato traders at Agogboloshi market have indicated various causes of the slowdown of tomato business here in Accra.

Speaking to Akpene Asigbee on Eyeshot on Adoatv, these traders lamented on the climatic change as a major focus in the slowdown of tomato business.

However, apart from this challenge, Eyeshot focused on the use of excessive Agrochemicals by tomato farmers as a factor in the slowdown of the tomato business. 

“The use of Agrochemicals by farmers in tomatoes production is overwrought.  This situation does not make the tomatoes last many for days, rather the produce gets spoilt in few days if exposed to the sun”

“We run at a loss because a box of tomatoes can get rotten within a week”.

Speaking to a trader, as to how long it takes for a box of tomatoes to be purchased, she indicated that,

“If the business is at its peak, with a lot of consumers, a box can finish within a day however, business is on its low perk currently, hence a box of tomatoes can last for weeks yet consumption is low, and this makes us throw away with the spoilt ones for safety seek”     

Consumers Reaction

Due to the excessive use of Agrochemicals, which also render the tomatoes to spoil within a few days, consumers turn to seek a reduction of the price market.

A box of tomatoes can be reduced to half the original price from consumers because of the risk of getting spoilt, a situation which is worrying.

“We most times get a box of tomatoes costing 300gh and 350gh but due to the climatic change (Raining Season) we get a box to cost as much as 650gh, with a reduced cost of 600gh”.

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