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FAO malnutrition project launched

The Food and Agriculture Organization has launched a malnutrition project to aid the government’s effort in reducing malnutrition among women and the vulnerable.

This year’s theme was on  “Support to the reduction in malnutrition in women and vulnerable  population through food_base approaches”

The FAO project is aimed at facilitating the country’s effort in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal Five(SDG 5), which state that all member countries must end hunger, achieve food security and promote sustainable agriculture by the year 2030.

The FAO is, therefore, collaborating with the government on the project which started in June 2019 and will end in 2021 with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture(MOFA) being a major implementing partner.

Representatives from the MOFA, Crops Research Institute(CRI) of the Council for Industrial and Scientific Research(CSIR) and the Ministries of Education and Health participated in the event.

The Ghana Health Service(GHS) has further advice that expectant mothers and women in their productive ages should take their nutrition serious

Story by Mary Quartey

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