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Choose your lives over assignments – GJA President

President of the Ghana Journalist Association Mr Affail Monney has disclosed security measures for journalists as part of its 70th-anniversary celebration. Speaking on Adoatv flagship programme, “This Morning” with Akpene Asigbee on conscientising the public and the media on journalist attacks in the country, the president of the association hinted on the theme for the anniversary,

“Attack on journalist”, elaborating that, per the stance predicated in GJA principle, “an attack of a journalist, is an attack on the whole media”.

“Our hearts are still bleeding over the attacks on journalist, and we have a stand which is predicated on the GJA principle that, if a single journalist is attacked, all of us are attacked, and if we all are attacked, our democracy is attacked”.

Mr Affail Monney further stated that the more journalists share light on dark spots, the higher they expose perpetrators of corruption, hence making journalists prone to attacks by culpable persons.

He said the optimistic way to be at the safer side is to heighten the sense of security. 

“The GJA has organized about five training programmes on security with the help of international federation of journalist”.

He disclosed that it is a need for a journalist to inform heads of police services when embarking on special assignments.

“Journalist should inform police commanders at various places assigned to them as assignments to be on a safer side”.

He disclosed, “Choose your lives over assignments”


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