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The Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Mrs Cynthia Morrison has said, the government is ready to advance the life of porters (Kayayees) who are always seen in the street fighting for daily bread.

She made statements at the launch of “Jewel in the Streets”, a project by Marveli House Limited to address the challenges that a girl child head porters pose for our society.

According to her, kayayee has come to stay and it will take a very long time to say no to it because when we go to the market, we all patronize them. But where they sleep is a big problem, where they save their money, they are sometimes rapped because they have enough money on them, their health in bad condition because they sleep in a clustered room.

She said these ladies will be selected by the government in collaboration with Marvelin House train them, groom them, register them and give them the necessary requirement to help them sustain life. They will also go through medical training because they go through a lot of medical challenges.

In an interview with Mrs Cynthia Morrison she stated that many people go out to look for sponsorship for beauty pageants but never think of supporting the Kayayees meanwhile, the under-privileged are equally important.

She further said the Kayayees will be registered; their money will be saving at a reputable financial institution to keep their money saved and they can assess on mobile money. They will also undergo a medical test to prevent them from deadly diseases.

She concluded that there will be nursery school for those with children so that as they are working, their kids will also be attending school.

The Chief Executive Officer for National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme Mr John Kumah speaking to Peace news said there is much work to be done on the Kayayees. People in various high institutions must take a good look at their situation.

He said the Ministry of Business Development has decided to partner with Marvelin House, Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection and all other institutions who are seeking to improve the welfare of our Kayayee people. There is a special budget to support these Kayayee and there is a program to train 1000 of them from now to next year.


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